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A great selection of local history books available from the Society

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Cemetery of Inglewood, Victoria 1862 - 2007

by Arthur Treble

 $20.00    A valuable resource for those researching family history. Burials are in alphabetical order and easy to follow.

Inglewood Fire Brigade 1861 - 1961

by Dern Marriott Puckey



A story of the first century of this voluntary Country Fire Brigade, of its early fire fighting equipment, and an insight into the difficulties faced by the Brigade over this time.

Inglewood Football Club 1876 - 2001.

Researched and edited Howard Rochester

 $20.00  Records of 125 years of football, including the first recorded match, players who have made the VFL, Life Members, Captains/Coaches, and other officials. Inglewood's Team of the Century nominations (124), and final team (28), and the story of each player.

Inglewood in the Fifties and Sixties

 Reseached and edited Kevin J. Poyser

 $20.00 An interesting story of the birth of Inglewood, as it was told in diary form in letters sent from this early goldfield to relatives in London, and returned to be printed in the Inglewood Advertiser in 1906 and 1907; a grassroots of day one life on the goldfield.

Inglewood in the Scrub

by Inglewood Historical Society




A collection of interesting historical anecdotes of Inglewood and district, from letters of a Welsh miner, to newspaper reports and a Heritage study of the district.

Our Boys, Letters from the Front


Inglewood Historical Society


A record of F Company, Victorian Rangers, and letters from the soldiers at the Front during the Boer War.

Rheola 1870 - 1985

by 'Back to Rheola' Committee 1985


 $10.00 Compiled by Ronald Leslie Carless, a descendant of a Moliagul pioneer family. A story of the early pioneers of the region, their quest for gold, their hardships, families, businesses, schools and more.

Kingower 2006

by Dona & Don Walker 

 $15.00  An interesting history of this major goldfield and its pioneers, with contributions by many local families

 Inglewood - 50 Years of Gold, 2009

by David Rose 


 $10.00 An interesting look at Inglewood from 1859 to 2009. Gold, land settlement, eucalyptus, city in the scrub, local government. 

A Brief History of Inglewood

by Ian J.Wemyss 

 $6.00  A story starting at day one of Inglewood, the discovery of gold, the establishment of New Inglewood, businesses, Borough Council, the great fire of Inglewood, and the many various gold mines.

Inglewood Tidings from the Front WW1

Vol 1



Transcripts from the Inglewood Advertiser "Tidings of WW1"

Section I 1914 ~1915, Section II  1916,  Section III 1917,    Section IV, 1918

Includes detailed indexes and appendices, photographs and colour plates.

by Heather Ford (need Lucas) and I&DHS

Inglewood & Districts Soldiers' Memorials WW1


Transcripts of letters from the front, Monument names lists, detailed service histories  

Includes detailed indexes and photographs.

by Heather Ford (need Lucas) and I&DHS



Book Ordering procedure:  Inglewood District Historical Society

PO Box 128. INGLEWOOD, VIC, 3517



Sharps Bazaar,  Ph 03 54 383 416

Brooke St., INGLEWOOD, VIC 3517

Note:  Book postage costs vary, so please request the costs when ordering.

Welcome to Inglewood- there's more than you think!

Gold, blue eucy, history and architecture, exercise or just some time to relax!




Eucy Museum - Re Opening

Plans are progressing  for the anticipated opening from  August 12th.   The Committee is delighted to be concluding negotiations for the re opening in August.   The business will open from the 12th August, with an official “re-launch” and short ceremony on the Sunday 15th at 2:00pm, which will also recognise the 10 years since opening in 2011.

Nicole Upton will operate the facility, with some fresh ideas and new products planned.

After such an extended closure, it will be great to have the museum open for  visitors , tours and a great coffee.

Of course, these plans and dates are subject to the various health restrictions and pandemic.


2021 - 2031 Inglewood Community Plan   (draft) 

The Inglewood Development & Tourism Committee (IDTC) has been working on the revised Inglewood Community Plan for some time.  Council restructured the processes and supported communities developing new plans. 

The new plan has drafted after the community survey was collated.  The Council has invited the IDTC to present the plan to Council's Technical Forum on 10th August. 

The Community is invited to review the planbelow prior and provide any further feedback to the IDTC president Carey or Secretary Pauline  [ email to ].  The annual funding allocations will only be directed towards projects currently identified and scoped in the Plan.   

 Download the plan  >> here       pdf   1.64MB

The identified goals are in notional priority order, but smaller projects of a lower priority may be funded if "shovel ready" and adequate funding.

  • Goal 1: Built environment and town beautification
  • Goal 2: Improving where we live.
  • Goal 3: Tourism and marketing
  • Goal 4: Community health and wellbeing
  • Goal 5: Traffic Management
  • Goal 6: Sport and recreation
  • Goal 7: Social opportunities
  • Goal 8: Heritage, arts and culture
  • Goal 9: Natural environment
  • Goal 10: Improving our local economy
  • Goal 11: Connectivity: Internet and individual capacity

 Some concept images from the Streetscape Masterplan, the top priority goal 1.    
















What did the 2010 plan achieve?   

History of community planning
This is the fifth stage in the development of the Inglewood Community Plan. The first was the Inglewood Urban Design Framework, which was begun in 2002 and completed in April 2003. The second stage took place in January and February 2004. The third stage took place in 2004 when further public discussion focused on the progress to date and for further development and consolidation. Stage four was a public meeting held in 2008 which led to the development of the Inglewood Community Plan 2010.

The Inglewood community is proud of the many achievements made, an outcome of collaborative and combined efforts of many, benefiting the community in a number of ways.

Some of the successful initiatives include:
    • Eucalyptus Distillery Museum. Formally opened in 2011. A Loddon Shire appointed Section 65 committee manages the site and ongoing development and provides for tours and the establishment of the retail area operation.
    • Arts park development (right)
    • Public drinking fountain - 2013 (right)
    • Community Hub - participation with the community hub feasibility development activities and the Community Planning submission (below right)
    • Inglewood Railway Station Redevelopment
    • Adventure park at sports precinct
    • Industrial Park development
Tourism & Marketing
    • Inglewood geographic domain community website –
    • Brooke Street flags, highlighting businesses open for business in a consistent manner for the town.
    • Brooke St. Brochure.
    • Blue Plaque Heritage trail, in conjunction with the Inglewood & District Historical Society (below right)
    • Tourism Information Board 2012/3. This project replaced the community directory sign which was seriously outdated.
    • Input to Streetscape project
Community Celebrations
    • Blue Eucy Festivals
    • 150 Years of Gold, 1859 -2009
    • Inglewood Alive Festival
Community Planning engagement
    • Numerous community planning meetings to register, scope, and prioritise identified community projects. This has been an important function of the IDTC which has assisted many community projects to development. In conjunction with the Loddon Shire Community Planning team.
    • Participation with the planning for the Railway Station redevelopment.





  • Unfortunately the 2021 Alive Festival has been cancelled due to ongoing Covid pandemic issues.

  • Looking forward to the next 2022 November festival       







Volunteers play a vital and valuable role in the community of Inglewood. 

Our volunteers are a diverse range of people who work tirelessly with organisations with the common interest of  enhancing the Inglewood and district communities. 
Volunteering can be a fun way of meeting new people, helping others and developing new skills.   
It is also about sharing and developing personal skills and strengthening links between people in the community.
If you would like to be a valued volunteer, we would like to hear from you. 
Please call the Inglewood Community Neighborhood House (ICNH) on 5438 3562
or call in and  have a chat with the team.

We greatly appreciate and value your contribution.


Youth Support

Some kids can be under a lot of pressure!  Decisions about the future, school stuff you may not know about,             holiday boredom or struggling to find that perfect job!   

A fantastic new site is up and running for the 16-25 year olds. 

Tune In Not Out  is 24hr TV for life's challenges, such as alcohol, drugs, mental health, exams and relationships.

Check it out!  Pass it on!  Spread the word!


It may help someone you know, and you may never know how. 


TINO and thanks to the team that put it together!!


About Inglewood

Situated 199 km from Melbourne on the Calder Highway, this historic gold mining town presents a vision of the past. Inglewood forms part of the famous ‘Golden Triangle' which encompasses some of the richest alluvial goldfields in the world. The last great Victorian gold rush occurred here in the 1860's, bringing prosperity and a burgeoning new life to a rural community, clearing the land of mallee scrub and producing wool for the young colony and for export to England. 
Gold was like a magnet and miners flocked to Inglewood from all corners of the globe. A few miners' tents rapidly became a tent town of thousands. Inglewood became known as ‘the city in the scrub'.  In the third year of its existence Inglewood became a municipality, the Borough of Inglewood. Such was the wealth taken from the earth and rock, that the tent town became a community of substance, buildings of timber and brick; imposing structures, several of which stand today.
The gold was eventually extracted to economic limits and the miners departed. A new, though less profitable industry helped the town survive. Eucalyptus oil, first recognised for its wide ranging qualities from the earliest years of colonial occupation, was produced in quantity in the district. The Blue Mallee, locally known as 'Blue Eucy ', which produced an oil of exceptional quality, grows in abundance in the area.  These days Inglewood is a service town for the surrounding rural districts and smaller communities.
Stay a while and you will be able to explore the town with he range of activities listed on the link below.
These can bring the history to life .

Collectibles, gold, blue eucy, history and architecture, ...  or just relax!

Have an enjoyable time and come back to visit Inglewood again.

Things to see and do!


One of the reasons it's called the "city in the scrub"