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Museum Committee

The Inglewood Eucalyptus Distillery Museum Incorporated.  A0114936J,  

 Registered   13 January 2022  

Per Rules :Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 (Vic) (the Act)

 The original Museum Committee was formed as a Section 86 and later Section 65 delegated Loddon Shire committee for many years .    After discussions with the Shire, it was found necessary to Incorporate as an Association, completed in January 2022. 

Members can apply to the Secretary to join the association.  There are no joining or annual fees to be paid, with members supporting the Purposes and Rules of the Association, available upon request to the Secretary and would be covered by the Associations volunteer insurance for routine volunteer duties at the museum and distillery park precinct.

 Volunteers support the Not-For-Profit Museum team and Inglewood Tourism, not the retail business which is a separate entity. Volunteers can join our incorporated group with typical work

  • varying roles in the museum supporting bus group tours and distilling demonstrations
  • gardening and lawnmowing around the site
  • conservation work on the distillery or other artefacts as required
  • supporting the miniature train works and operations.

Note: Volunteers are covered by the association insurance.   


Application to join the group:    download 

Complete the application form and send to the Secretary  at:


The purposes of the association are:

• To operate the Inglewood Eucalyptus Distillery Museum.

• To further develop the Museum highlighting the importance, history, archaeology and interpretation of the ingenuity of the distillers, the hard work of the eucy cutters and the social and economic impact of the industry to the district.


Come and explore Inglewood in the Loddon Mallee.  Just 50km NW or Bendigo.