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Welcome to Inglewood

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 A new 2024 video of the town and some highlights put together by Ilaria from Zeller after a recent visit.  Thanks Zeller!   Play the video:     >>video    


Things do keep happening in Inglewood!

* A big Welcome to Carlie Fashions in the Porters store

* Otto's on Brooke in the old Pelican Hotel is open Thursday to Sunday

* New owners changing Cousin Jacks to Inglewood Cafe and Bakehouse.

* Ambulance Station completed

* Inglewood Alive 2023 a great success, and back for 2024

* Town Hall Open Space project completed

* "Messiah" production fill the Town Hall with music, singing and people!

 and news!!

After years of discussions, letters and meetings, the speed limit in Brooke St will be reduced for enhanced safety.   

...."The Department of Transport and Planning are introducing new speed limits on the Calder Highway in Wedderburn and Inglewood in response to

 requests from the community and support from Loddon Shire and Victoria Police.  In Wedderburn between Godfrey Street and Reef Street, the speed will be reduced from 50 km/h to 40 km/h from yesterday (Wednesday 29 November 2023). In Inglewood between Grant Street and Houston Street, the speed will be reduced from 50 km/h to 40 km/h by late January 2024.

 In addition, the 80km/h buffer zone in the eastern and northern approaches to Inglewood will change to 60km/h to provide safe and improved access to properties and bring it in line with Victoria’s speed zoning guidelines.

 Safer speeds in town centres add minimal time to journeys with Wedderburn adding 14 seconds and Inglewood 31 seconds.  Please look out for the new speed limits and travel safety through the area."


 Volunteers make a Community!

In a tribute to volunteers and volunteer organisations, Loddon Herald has run a special feature  section on some of the local organisations in its May 11 2023 edition.  The Inglewood Development and Tourism Committee placed a full page list of our local volunteer groups and contacts.  You can find a copy locally at the Inglewood Post Office, Steve's Empire Hotel or the IGA.  Also available in towns across the Shire and beyond.  There is a contact for each group, to make it easy. So grab a copy and check them out. Make the call, and join our happy volunteers making a difference!

Click  to expand the graphic. >>here  or download file  >>here

You can also get the Herald digital editions Premium by subscribing for a small monthly fee. >>here  

It's a great paper and winning awards!


Rejuvenating Brooke Street shops continues!!

Hot on the heels of the renovations creating Cafe3517 in Brooke St, the new owners of the shops on Porters corner, the Op Shop and butchers shop have commenced on significant renovations which will see new opportunities and growth for the town.  First up is talking point - the dog mural on the old butcher's shop. Good work Noel !!   

The story: "The door and window frames of the old butcher’s shop were unsafe and unsightly, so a temporary solution while we spent money on the rear of the properties was to board up the shop front.  We didn’t want to leave it as a boarded up shop (as that would have looked just as unsightly), so we approached Inglewood’s painter and artist Noel Kilner who came up with this design for a mural, which we loved.  The old butcher’s shop will be renovated in time and rented out as a retail outlet..   

Mural designed and painted by Noel Kilner Mural designed and painted by Noel Kilner

The owners purchased 66, 68 and 70 Brooke Street properties last year and are keen to see these historic buildings renovated and the shop frontages rejuvenated after a decade of neglect, however, we had to first deal with the ground work at the rear of the properties – replacing water, sewage and storm water pipes and drains, etc.  The rear ground level was higher than the damp course, hence it had to also be lowered.  A new fence, garden beds and road base will be laid at the rear of the shops in the next week or so for shop owners and customers to park which will complete the rear of the shops and we can move to renovating the actual buildings.  We already have agreements to lease two of the shops - the current Ambulance Auxiliary Opportunity Shop and a gallery, with several options to lease the third shop ranging from a boutique dress shop to a pottery shop.  We are also in the process of drawing up plans to build a new laundromat on the vacant land between 66 & 68 Brooke Street".  

What a wonderful innovation and improvement for Inglewood residents and visitors when completed.


April 2023  Work has commenced on the Open Space Activation Area at the Town Hall.

This item was on the Inglewood Development and Tourism Committee (IDTC) Community Plan so great to see progress happening with funding arranged by Loddon Shire.   

The Council project team has requested  some potential changes arising from suggestions that some of the community team provided about the original proposal, as well as practical ideas from our outdoor townscape staff. As a result:

 there will be more substantial screening of the water tanks, changing from screening plants to a modwood fence across the tanks, with planting in front of it. Although it couldn’t fit within this project, the construction of the fence will allow for mounting of metal panels in future if so desired.

  • the original paving proposal has been changed to a more durable exposed aggregate concrete treatment, to avoid the need to replace cracked pavers over time
  • removable bollards will be installed across the vehicle access area, and parking signs installed to prevent unauthorised parking in the area
  • plant selection has been reconsidered to include more native species, and an irrigation system has been added to the design for easier upkeep
  • three phase power will be included in the electrical box, which will source power from the town hall.

 This is a great start to what we expect will be continued landscaping improvements in this area, and we are grateful for the committee comments and suggestions to help us design an attractive and functional space.  The project is expected to be completed by Friday 12 May.

Ambulance Station Upgrade  COMPLETED

April progressApril progress






Minister for Ambulance Services Mary-Anne Thomas  announced in August 2022 that construction is underway on a multi-million-dollar Inglewood Ambulance Station on Hospital Street, to continue providing access to emergency care for locals.

The new Inglewood Ambulance Station will feature a three-bay garage for ambulances, two rest and recline areas for hard-working paramedics to recuperate, a fully equipped kitchen and improved security and car parking to make sure paramedics stay safe.

The project involves knocking down the current buildings on the site and building a new fit-for-purpose ambulance station on Hospital Street.  The new station is on track to be completed in mid-2023 with demolition works now complete. Inglewood is one of 14 new or refurbished stations with construction getting underway across the state.

April progressApril progress







Images: H.Rochester 



If you missed the Antiques Fair, then check out the shops in Brooke Street. 




  Borough of Inglewood Heritage Quilt at the Town Hall

Commissioned by Community Arts & Heritage Fund. Produced by Lions Club Quilters VictoriaCommissioned by Community Arts & Heritage Fund. Produced by Lions Club Quilters Victoria


At a function on Nov 14, 2021, a quilt commissioned using funds raised from the community for the Town Hall Community Hub project was hung.  Produced by the Lions Club of Quilters Victoria, this marvellous quilt is based on the original Borough of Inglewood Seal, used for embossing official stationery.   The quilt is located in the original "supper" room




Eucy Museum  - Bringing the Traction Engine Home!

 Drop in to say Gidday to Nicole and see her new range of EucyBlue products.  After such an extended closure, it will be great to have the museum open for  visitors, tours and a great coffee.

And check out the new Cliff & Bunting Traction Engine Annex project. >>here





Inglewood Alive Festival 2023     ..Looks like it is back!!  Wonderful Success!

From the organisers....

The Inglewood Alive Festival is to be taken over by the Inglewood Development and Tourism Committee who plan to go ahead with this event on Sunday November 5th.  it may not look exactly the same as previous festivals but it will build over time. Watch this space for more details of the planned activities and stalls.  If you have any ideas, or want to be involved in helping plan and organise this event, please contact the IDTC secretary at


2021 - 2031 Inglewood Community Plan   

The Inglewood Development & Tourism Committee (IDTC) has been working on the revised Inglewood Community Plan for some time.  Council restructured the processes and supported communities developing new plans. 

The new plan has drafted after the community survey was collated.  The Council has invited the IDTC to present the plan to Council's Technical Forum on 10th August. 

The Community is invited to review the plan below prior and provide any further feedback to the IDTC president Carey or Secretary Pauline  [ email to ].  The annual funding allocations will only be directed towards projects currently identified and scoped in the Plan.   

 Download the plan  >> here       pdf   1.64MB

The identified goals are in notional priority order, but smaller projects of a lower priority may be funded if "shovel ready" and adequate funding.

  • Goal 1: Built environment and town beautification
  • Goal 2: Improving where we live.
  • Goal 3: Tourism and marketing
  • Goal 4: Community health and wellbeing
  • Goal 5: Traffic Management
  • Goal 6: Sport and recreation
  • Goal 7: Social opportunities
  • Goal 8: Heritage, arts and culture
  • Goal 9: Natural environment
  • Goal 10: Improving our local economy
  • Goal 11: Connectivity: Internet and individual capacity

 Some concept images from the Streetscape Masterplan, the top priority goal 1.    
















What did the 2010 plan achieve?   

History of community planning
This is the fifth stage in the development of the Inglewood Community Plan. The first was the Inglewood Urban Design Framework, which was begun in 2002 and completed in April 2003. The second stage took place in January and February 2004. The third stage took place in 2004 when further public discussion focused on the progress to date and for further development and consolidation. Stage four was a public meeting held in 2008 which led to the development of the Inglewood Community Plan 2010.

The Inglewood community is proud of the many achievements made, an outcome of collaborative and combined efforts of many, benefiting the community in a number of ways.

Some of the successful initiatives include:
    • Eucalyptus Distillery Museum. Formally opened in 2011. A Loddon Shire appointed Section 65 committee manages the site and ongoing development and provides for tours and the establishment of the retail area operation.
    • Arts park development (right)
    • Public drinking fountain - 2013 (right)
    • Community Hub - participation with the community hub feasibility development activities and the Community Planning submission (below right)
    • Inglewood Railway Station Redevelopment
    • Adventure park at sports precinct
    • Industrial Park development
Tourism & Marketing
    • Inglewood geographic domain community website –
    • Brooke Street flags, highlighting businesses open for business in a consistent manner for the town.
    • Brooke St. Brochure.
    • Blue Plaque Heritage trail, in conjunction with the Inglewood & District Historical Society (below right)
    • Tourism Information Board 2012/3. This project replaced the community directory sign which was seriously outdated.
    • Input to Streetscape project
Community Celebrations
    • Blue Eucy Festivals
    • 150 Years of Gold, 1859 -2009
    • Inglewood Alive Festival
Community Planning engagement
    • Numerous community planning meetings to register, scope, and prioritise identified community projects. This has been an important function of the IDTC which has assisted many community projects to development. In conjunction with the Loddon Shire Community Planning team.
    • Participation with the planning for the Railway Station redevelopment.



Volunteers play a vital and valuable role in the community of Inglewood. 

Our volunteers are a diverse range of people who work tirelessly with organisations with the common interest of  enhancing the Inglewood and district communities. 
Volunteering can be a fun way of meeting new people, helping others and developing new skills.   
It is also about sharing and developing personal skills and strengthening links between people in the community.
If you would like to be a valued volunteer, we would like to hear from you. 
Please call the Inglewood Community Neighborhood House (ICNH) on 5438 3562
or call in and  have a chat with the team.

We greatly appreciate and value your contribution.


Youth Support

Some kids can be under a lot of pressure!  Decisions about the future, school stuff you may not know about,             holiday boredom or struggling to find that perfect job!   

A fantastic new site is up and running for the 16-25 year olds. 

Tune In Not Out  is 24hr TV for life's challenges, such as alcohol, drugs, mental health, exams and relationships.

Check it out!  Pass it on!  Spread the word!


It may help someone you know, and you may never know how. 


TINO and thanks to the team that put it together!!


About Inglewood

Situated 199 km from Melbourne on the Calder Highway, this historic gold mining town presents a vision of the past. Inglewood forms part of the famous ‘Golden Triangle' which encompasses some of the richest alluvial goldfields in the world. The last great Victorian gold rush occurred here in the 1860's, bringing prosperity and a burgeoning new life to a rural community, clearing the land of mallee scrub and producing wool for the young colony and for export to England. 
Gold was like a magnet and miners flocked to Inglewood from all corners of the globe. A few miners' tents rapidly became a tent town of thousands. Inglewood became known as ‘the city in the scrub'.  In the third year of its existence Inglewood became a municipality, the Borough of Inglewood. Such was the wealth taken from the earth and rock, that the tent town became a community of substance, buildings of timber and brick; imposing structures, several of which stand today.
The gold was eventually extracted to economic limits and the miners departed. A new, though less profitable industry helped the town survive. Eucalyptus oil, first recognised for its wide ranging qualities from the earliest years of colonial occupation, was produced in quantity in the district. The Blue Mallee, locally known as 'Blue Eucy ', which produced an oil of exceptional quality, grows in abundance in the area.  These days Inglewood is a service town for the surrounding rural districts and smaller communities.
Stay a while and you will be able to explore the town with he range of activities listed on the link below.
These can bring the history to life .

Collectibles, gold, blue eucy, history and architecture, ...  or just relax!

Have an enjoyable time and come back to visit Inglewood again.

Things to see and do!


One of the reasons it's called the "city in the scrub"


Come and explore Inglewood in the Loddon Mallee.  Just 50km NW or Bendigo.