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LVFNL 2017 Fixture


Round 14:   July 8        Bye  Pyramid Hill

  Inglewood v Marong

 YCW  v Bridgewater

 Calivil Utd v Newbridge

 Mitiamo v BL-Serpentine


Round 15:   July 15    Bye Newbridge

 Marong v YCW

 Bridgewater v  Calivil Utd

BL Serpentine v  Inglewood

 Pyramid Hill v Mitiamo


Round 16:   July 22   Bye Mitiamo

 Calivil Utd v Marong

 Newbridge  v Bridgewater

 YCW v BL-Serpentine

 Inglewood v  Pyramid Hill 


 Round 17: July 29     Bye  -  Bridgewater   

 Marong v  Newbridge  

BL-Serpentine v Calivil Utd

Pyramid Hill v YCW

Mitiamo v Inglewood


Round 18: August 5    Bye Inglewood 

 Bridgewater v Marong

 Newbridge v BL Serpentine 

 Calivil United Pyramid Hill

YCW v Mitiamo 


Qualifying Final    Saturday, August 12

Elimination Final   Sunday, August  13

Second Semi-Final Saturday, August 19

First Semi-Final     Sunday.    August 20 

Preliminary Final   Saturday,  August 26 

GRAND FINAL       Saturday, September 2 



Rounds Played